Payment and Registration Page

Welcome to the 2019 Summer Season. This year camp will officially run from June 24th through August 2nd.

Registration process:

  1.  Please complete the Google Form.  Please make sure you see both a “Thank You” message from the Google form as well as an emailed receipt of your choices for you records.
  2. Once the form is completed please make payment from our paypal portal on the bottom of this form.  The Paypal site should send you an automated response as well for your records.  PLEASE BE AWARE WE WILL NOT BE TAKING CHECKS THIS SUMMER FOR CAMP.  

2019 Summer Camp Choices

When logging on you may choose either to pay with your Paypal account (Click block log in) or you can choose to pay with a CC click on the block (pay with Debit or Credit Card) payment will then take you right to our Paypal portal

2019 summer choices